[Album Review]: Omega X “Story Written in Music”

Since bursting on the scene in June 2021, OMEGA X has taken the world by storm. 

For the unfamiliar, OMEGA X  is an 11-member boy group under SPIRE Entertainment. Touted as a second chance group because of their members previous K-Pop groupings, they’ve proven that while they may be “rookies” in name they are anything but. They racked up a variety of awards nominations, including winning Rookie of the Year at the 2022 Seoul Music Awards. 

Their latest album, “Story Written in Music,” which dropped on June 15, 2022, includes a total of twelve digital tracks, some of which the members were involved with writing and producing. Throughout the album OMEGA X highlights their unique color and style through music without limitations. 

From EDM and R&B, to cutesy pop and more, OMEGA X successfully wowed fans and critics alike with “Story Written in Music.” Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. ‘Venus’ (연결)

Powerful hip-hop track with a stellar rap flow. 

2. ‘Play Dumb’ – Title track

Refreshing and fun ‘feel’ good ambience- perfect for summer. 

3. ‘binary star’

Soft vocals mixed with a retro feel make give this track a passionate yet chill vibe. 

4. ‘All About U’

Addicting song, that showcases OMEGA X’s talent in composition, vocals, and rap. 

5. ‘Don’t’

This song is all about the feels, effortlessly mixing piano melody and guitar instrumentals. 

6. ‘Take’em All’

A true party anthem, this song has heavy notes of EDM that are sure to hype you up.

7. ‘Bounce With Me’

This song is pure power and a gift for EDM fans, thanks to rap line’s prowess and flow.

8. ‘Dance With U’

Sub-unit, Sebin, Xen and Jehyun, lend their vocals making this song a super sweet summer tune.


This modern R&B track is all chill, thanks to the sub-unit of Yechan, Jaehan and Hangyeom.

10. ‘dry flower’

What do you get when you mix acoustic guitar and EDM? A superb song filled with a lot of passion and emotions.

11. ‘Control’

An incredible mix of piano and falsettos make this R&B song, a B-Side track for the ages.

12. 간직해줘 ‘Love’

Closing out the album, is this soulful song featuring the sub-unit Jaechan, Hwichan, Hangyeon and Yechan.

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