Rising Hip-Hop Singer-Songwriter Chanhyun Releases New EP Titled “MUSE”

Photo Credit: SEL

Korean singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist CHANHYUN releases his first EP, MUSE, after his debut album, THE REVERSE, in 2021. His new EP, MUSE, discusses different stages of love and life through each track while telling one story as a whole. Each song depicts a story of love, self-reflection, and reminiscence, and the listeners will feel as if the artist is narrating the stories right next to them. Ahead of the release of this EP, CHANHYUN teased the album with “BUT (feat. DIVE)” as a single in May 2022.

“This album represents many feelings towards one being. I wanted to express multiple sides of emotions; happy yet sad, depressed yet joyful, missing someone yet not wishing to see. I think you can relate to this album more if you consider that each track tells different stories but ironically expresses one, united message.” – CHANHYUN

The title track “SHH (feat. LEELLAMARZ) (Prod. GRAY)” portrays the story of two lovers getting through the stresses of daily life and looking for their time together. LEELLAMARZ, a Korean rapper and violinist, featured on this track and a star producer GRAY participated as a main producer for the track. Hip-hop artists DIVE and MOAI also participated as featured artists in this new EP.

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