BLANK2Y Releases Second Mini Album: K2Y II: PASSION [FUEGO]

Keystone Entertainment

Keystone Entertainment’s first boy group BLANK2Y comes back only three months after debuting in May with the second mini album  K2Y II: PASSION [Fuego]. This mini album is the second part of the K2Y trilogy, continuing the series after the group’s debut album K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up]. While the previous album conveyed the overarching theme of confidence, K2Y II: PASSION [Fuego] presents BLANK2Y’s desire to initiate passion within listeners’ minds. The group included the Spanish word “fuego”, meaning fire, in the album title to express their fiery music and BLANK2Y’s mission of filling up people’s blank hearts with passion. 

Keystone Entertainment

K2Y II: PASSION [Fuego] consists of four tracks. The first track “Intro [U]” will raise the expectations toward BLANK2Y’s new charm with a strong opening statement. The title track, “Fuego (Burn It Up)”, accentuates an exotic lead along with strong drum beats, and showcases BLANK2Y’s musicality and performance that exceed those presented in the debut track “Thumbs Up”. The next track “Fuego (Fearless)” tells a confident story of racing to the top while following the track’s addictive main riff. The last track “I Wish” is a fan song with a beautiful piano melody and the members’ charming vocal tone. With its letter-like lyrics, this track expresses a desiring heart while praying on the stars when you’re feeling lonely at night. 

Watch their FUEGO(Burn It Up) music video here:

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