The Doh Kyung-Soo Watchlist

Actor Doh Kyung-Soo is coming back. After his enlistment ended and the release of his solo album last year, EXO member DO is coming back with what looks like another exciting drama series, Bad Prosecutor. The show shows Kyung-Soo in the lead role as a prosecutor who truly punishes corrupt powers with trickery and some unorthodox methods. The show premiered on October 5, 2022. We decided to take a look at some other acting roles you should check out while waiting for new episodes of Bad Prosecutor.

All EXO-Ls and K-pop/K-drama fans know that Kyungsoo is the actor of the group. Here are some series and movies to check out.


One of Kyung-Soo’s first film roles was in Cart. He plays a teenager in the movie. Even though he only has a small role in the film, he manages to shine on screen. The movie follows employees of a retail supermarket who band together when the contract workers are laid off. He plays the son of the main character. The mother-and-son pair do not have a good relationship as they are always struggling to make ends meet. However, with the actions of the employees in demonstrating for better treatment, the pair’s relationship begins to change.

My Annoying Brother

This is another heart-wrencher from DO. He plays a judo star who loses his eyesight during an event. His older brother, played brilliantly by the fantastic Jo Jung-suk who has been estranged from him takes advantage of his brother’s sudden crisis to get paroled from prison. The brothers initially have some major clashes as they have to try and adjust to living with each other after a long while. Finally they grow closer and DO even starts to try for the Paralympics. However, the pair then get some tragic news… (no spoilers as to what the news is) This movie will have you sobbing though as a fair warning.

Swing Kids

This movie released in 2018 follows Kyung-Soo’s character Ro Ki-soo, a North Korean soldier in a Geoje prison camp during the Korean War in 1951. He falls in love with tap dancing after meeting an American officer and former Broadway star who has been tasked with putting together a dance company. The movie follows Kyung-Soo and the other characters as they learn to dance and prepare to put on a show for Christmas.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

This can probably be said about all of Kyung-Soo’s roles but this was honestly such a moving and brilliant performance. He plays a high school student who’s a big fan of Jo In-sung’s character Jae-yeol and aspires to become a famous author like him. Kyung-Soo constantly follows Jae-yeol around as an escape from his abusive home. His character is later revealed to be more than a fan of Jo In-sung’s character but that would be giving away spoilers once more.

100 Days My Prince

This was his final major role before enlistment and also one of Kyungsoo’s most successful. 100 Days My Prince earned him a whole new fanbase. His role as the prince who lands up in a village with amnesia is legendary. “Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable?” became a much-repeated line everywhere. It’s no surprise the drama is one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history. What made the drama stand out was the dual roles Kyung-Soo played – as the crown prince faced with tough decisions and a common man who loses his memory.

EXO Next Door

One of the easiest places to start has to be EXO Next Door. This is a true fan-filled experience. It stars most of the EXO members as fictionalized versions of themselves in this short web drama. It has loads of K-drama tropes like a love triangle and a childhood backstory but it’s so funny to watch. It also stars Moon Ga-young as the female lead. Kyung-Soo is the second lead of the series and he plays the role to perfection. There’s the angst, reluctant acceptance and all-around sweetness that makes you root for a second lead even if the main couple are cute together. It’s not one of Kyung-Soo’s best roles (obviously) but it’s just such a fun watch so it had to be included.

As an added bonus, make sure to check out DO’s solo music video for Rose. He delivers such hilarious acting performances and obviously it’s a great listen!

What is your favourite Do Kyung-Soo acting role?

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